Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Have you tried to diet but been unsuccessful with weight loss?  Or have you lost weight only to gain it back plus a few pounds more?  Weight loss can be successful if you have some help, know proper techniques, and accountability is a game-changer for many.  I can teach you how to eat correctly for life and not regain weight.  We can do this by customizing a diet specifically for you.  You will be successful at maintaining your weight loss if you follow my steps and continue some basic rules for life.  

Questions and Answers:

What diet plans are available for weight loss?

There are multiple diet plans available:  

  • The Customizable Diet Plan: Dr. Twigg develops this plan specifically based on your current health status, body composition including your body fat levels and other factors.  With this plan, she will design this for weight loss of ½ pound to 2 pounds per week.  This will be based on many factors.  With this plan, Dr. Twigg uses calories and macronutrients to get your body into proper balance to lose weight and feel great.  Daily supplements are also provided for additional support.  You choose your foods you eat and learn as you go, that way you can easily maintain your loss once you hit your goals.  Dr. Twigg may make adjustments to your diet as needed and as weight loss goals are met.  She will meet with you for an appointment 2-3 times per month on this plan to help keep you on track with your goals. This plan comes in 4 week and money-saving 20 week plans.  
  • The Twigg Plan: This customized diet provides you with the proper calories, proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fats in a simpler format.  You are provided with lists and quantities of each to choose, but there is minimal counting on your part.  Just pick and choose your daily plan and you are on your way to weight loss.  This plan comes in 4 week and money-saving 20 week plans. 
  • The Doubl-EE Plan: Easy and Effective Low Calorie Weight Loss Plan. This weight loss plan is simple and effective without a lot of counting.  You will be required to eat certain amounts of each macronutrient (proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fats) each day.  In addition, beginning daily activity/exercise needs to happen immediately to improve your health and ability to maintain your weight loss.
  • The Evidence-Based Nutritional Ketogenic Diet:  This is a nutritionally complete diet with emphasis on real food and protein.  This high-protein, low carbohydrate diet has been studied for many years in the medical community.  It is not what is on the internet!  This is not a high-fat diet!  This safe, effective diet, when done correctly, works for virtually everyone.  You can expect to see great weight loss with no calorie counting, improvement in blood pressure and hemoglobin A1c (diabetics may be reversed), a decrease in stroke risk, and improvements in your triglycerides and HDL cholesterol levels.  You will ultimately feel less hunger due to the effects of the foods you eat.  Less hunger means less calories consumed and weight loss.  This plan comes in 4 week and money-saving 20 week plans.

Do I need to exercise while on these weight loss diets?

Everyone, whether trying to lose weight or not, needs to exercise for health.  This is the perfect time to start and research shows those who lose weight will tend to keep it off if they are exercising.  Building muscle is a key component to maintaining metabolism.  If you are losing muscle, which we typically do as we age, then your metabolism is slowing down, you are burning less calories every minute, every hour, every day.  You don’t need a gym membership to exercise, but if you need this for motivation, then spend the money and go every morning before you start your day.  One hour or more is the goal.  I recommend doing 3-5 days of strength training exercises to build and maintain muscle with aerobic exercise the remainder of the days.

How often do I need to come in for best weight loss results?

Most patients do the best when weighing in every 7-14 days during active weight loss times.  During the Maintenance Phase of hCG and Phase IV (between phases), appointments are continued every other week.

Will I have to eat certain foods on this diet or buy specific foods you provide?

You will need to buy all your own selections from a regular grocery store as long as they fall within your specific diet/food plan.  There are no preset meals to purchase.  You will want a wide selection of  foods on any diet.  Dr. Twigg will provide you with a list of foods to choose from as a guide, but you will decide each day’s meals.

I need to lose 50 lbs.  How long will that take?

This is a difficult question to answer.  Men tend to lose weight more quickly than women because of a higher metabolic rate due to higher muscle mass.  Much of weight loss is accuracy in calories and what specifically you are eating.  Most people think they eat 40% less calories than they actually do.  With a more customized weight loss plan developed specifically for you, you can expect to lose ½ lb - 2 pounds weekly.  

I don’t want a fad diet, but I do want to lose weight quickly.  Can you still help me?

None of the diets or weight loss plans are “fad” diets and are truly healthy eating plans that you can continue throughout your lifetime.  Each of these meal plans are real foods that you prepare and make yourself so you can continue to do so and learn to eat for your entire life so that you can maintain your weight loss after you have gotten to your goals.  These plans are all very healthy, high protein, low fat and low carbohydrate food plans that teach you meal planning to eat lean proteins and complex carbohydrates in the correct amounts to keep your energy levels high, burn more calories, and feel great doing it.  

You can expect to lose anywhere from 0.5 – 2 pounds per week on average with any of these weight loss plans.  Some may lose more in the first few weeks, but this will begin to level out after the first couple of months for a slow, steady weight loss.    

I have trouble with my appetite control when I diet. Can you help with this?

Dr. Twigg will review your history, perform a physical, then discuss options for appetite control, if needed. Supplements that come with each program can aid with this.  But many different medications may help with appetite suppression, if needed.  Some may not need this at all once the diet is adjusted.    Oftentimes, correcting the macronutrients in someone’s diet improves appetite significantly.  In other words, the proportions of protein, fat, and carbohydrate have to be correct.  In addition, the carbohydrates most of us eat are not the good ones.  When we talk about carbohydrates to most people, everyone pictures potatoes, rice, corn chips, cake, etc.  Yes, these are carbohydrates, but not great to choose on a regular basis.  These are the ones we need to eat very little of if at all.  The carbohydrates that need to come to mind and be used for everyone are a variety of vegetables, fruits daily (berries are the best ones to choose but many others too) and limited grains.  Minimal fats should be used.  Bake and grill foods. Add in natural fresh herbs for flavor, not heavy sauces.  In addition, you’d be amazed at all the calories you save and never miss while eating healthier.  

I have kids.  I’ll have to cook two different meals to lose weight.

Dr. Twigg gets this question all the time.  Why should you cook differently? You want them to be healthy too, so cook them healthy meals.  OK, so maybe add a couple extra special things for them.  But, really, why should they be eating junk?  We’ve gotten programmed to think we need box meals or take-out food.  If you prepare healthy food, then that’s what they will crave and desire and expect.  Healthy food can taste really good and it should.

Do I really have time to lose weight?  

Yes, you do.  You are worth it.  You are worth taking 15 minutes to prepare food in the morning.  You are worth making time to food prep, exercise 1 hour, and making your health and wellness a priority.  Make the time each day for just you.  


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