Enlarged Pores

Do you have enlarged pores and would like to reduce their size?  Enlarged pores are the result of a more oily skin at some point in your life.  It is most common in the T-zone region, but can be anywhere on the skin, even  other areas of the body.  At times, these enlarged pores can become smaller over time, but many find these enlarged pores make the skin look less appealing and more rough, and become clogged more easily, or just would like these pores minimized.  

Many treatments can help reduce the size of your pores to improve the smoothness of your skin.  These treatments start with the basics of a great medical-grade skincare to treatments for stimulation of collagen to rebuild the structure of your skin.  This is where the true work starts for you.  Dr. Twigg will evaluate your skin and give you her best treatment recommendations customized for you.  She will then follow you throughout your treatments to review your response.

Treatments to include: