Redness, Rosacea, or other Vascular Lesions

Is your skin red?  Do you flush easily or do you see red dilated blood vessels scattered on your nose, cheeks, chin or forehead? Do you have acne papules or breakouts and between the ages of 30-60?   You may have rosacea or need to be evaluated for it, as it affects about 16 million in the US.   Rosacea can also cause increased tissue growth in some.  

Redness may not be rosacea.  Many have prominent red spots with or without branching or a few dilated capillaries.   These may just be vascular lesions, such as an angiomas or another type of common vascular lesion.   If so, then we can begin to discuss what treatments will be best for you after your initial evaluation is completed.  I will customize these based on your history and examination.

Medical Therapy

During your consultation with Dr. Twigg, she will evaluate your skin concerns.  You may benefit from prescription-strength topical or oral therapies as well as medical-grade skincare and other treatments.  These modalities will be addressed during your initial consultation and during your ongoing treatments to improve your skin and ongoing treatment outcomes.