Sagging Skin

Do you look in the mirror now and see hanging, loose skin?  Do you think you look older than you should?  Oftentimes you may age faster due to hereditary factors, sun exposure, environmental factors, poor diet, and other contributing factors.  Luckily, there are many options out there to help prevent your skin from sagging.

Can Skin Sagging Be Reversed?

There are many procedures designed to induce new collagens to form to create a tighter, more youthful skin appearance again.  Collagen and elastin are the compounds that give the skin its youthful appearance.  These collagen and elastin fibers become more disorganized and reduced as you age.  This leads to saggy, loose skin.  Even though aging can’t be reversed, these collagen and elastin fibers can be restimulated to produce new organized fibers to replace the old ones to rejuvenate your appearance to a more youthful one. 

In addition, other treatments can help restore the often lost volume in the skin, reposition the restored skin to a more youthful placement, etc.  

Treatments to include: