Hyperpigmentation, Age Spots or Pigment Spots

Excess pigmentation can be freckles, sun spots from excessive sun exposure, age spots, melasma or the mask of pregnancy to many other types of irregular pigment spots that occur.  Some occur from inflammation from disorders such as acne or called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  These conditions can be treated in various ways or in a combination of treatments. 

Once your initial evaluation is completed, treatments are customized for you and followed to review your response.

Medical Therapy

During your consultation with Dr. Twigg, she will evaluate your skin concerns.  You may benefit from prescription-strength topical therapies such as retinoids and skin lightening agents in conjunction or as a pretreatment to skin treatments.  In addition, medical-grade skincare can be a great benefit to your skin.  These modalities will be addressed during your initial consultation and during your ongoing treatments to improve your skin and ongoing treatment outcomes.

Treatments to include: