Help for the Eye Area

The eye area has its own concerns for most. Dark circles may be present and depressions in the tear trough may be making you look more tired.  Lines and wrinkles in the crows feet and under the eyes create places for your makeup to settle into and laxity in the skin around the eyes makes you look older than you are.  Hyperpigmentation of the area surrounding the eye is common and treatable.  The eyebrows and upper eyelid may be drooping, causing hooding of the eyelid onto the eye making your eyes appear smaller and the upper lid to appear crepey.  You may have lower lid eye bags.  If you have any of these or many of these, you aren’t alone.  Many of these can be improved with treatments below.

Medical Therapy

During your consultation with Dr. Twigg, she will evaluate your skin concerns.  The eye area is of special concern and will be examined along with the entire face and neck.  You may benefit from prescription-strength topical as well as medical-grade skincare and other treatments.  These modalities will be addressed during your initial consultation and during your ongoing treatments to improve your skin and ongoing treatment outcomes.

Treatments to include: