Overweight, Obesity, or Desired Weight Loss

Are you overweight, obese, or just desire to lose a few pounds?  Have you struggled with losing weight on your own or been successful initially only to have it come back and bring extra pounds along?  I can help you be successful in your weight loss, show you proper techniques, add medications if needed for improved success and maintenance,  and teach you ways to keep this off for life. 

Many need accountability to improve weight loss, as it isn't an easy goal.   But with help, it is achievable.  This is an extensive program where you are the center of the program.    We can do a fully customized diet specifically for you or use a quick loss program to jump-start your loss with my own hCG program if you qualify based on your health.  Either way, you can be successful at maintaining your loss if you follow my steps and continue some basic rules for life. 

Your first step is a weight loss consultation and evaluation.  From there, we can begin your program.

Medical Therapy

During your consultation and evaluation with Dr. Twigg for weight loss, she will evaluate you.  You will have labs done to assure you are well enough to diet or to identify abnormalities, and may even need to do additional testing or see a primary care physician.   You may benefit from prescription oral medication to help with weight loss or appetite suppression for brief periods of time if not contraindicated.  These modalities will be addressed during your initial consultation and during your ongoing treatments to improve your outcomes.  You will be closely monitored during your course of treatment. 

Treatments may include: