Unwanted Hair

If you have unwanted hair and are tired of shaving or waxing, you may want to consider a more long-term solution.  Both men and women can be treated on any area of the face and body in multiple sessions for unwanted darker hair.  For men, the back, chest, ear rims, and nose  may be an area you wish to have treated.  For women, it may be  the legs, arms, bikini, neck, face or other areas.   

In addition, medications and medical-grade skincare may be used for added benefits or prevention of additional hair growth.

Medical Therapy

During your consultation with Dr. Twigg, she will evaluate your skin and unwanted hair concerns.  You may benefit from prescription-strength topical or oral therapies as well as medical-grade skincare and other treatments.   Certain medications may be used to help prevent unwanted hair from redeveloping, particularly in women if facial hair is problematic.  These modalities will be addressed during your initial consultation and during your ongoing treatments to improve your skin and unwanted hair and ongoing treatment outcomes.

Treatments may include: