Spider Leg Veins or Small Varicose Leg Veins

Do you have unsightly spider leg veins or slightly larger bluish leg veins you’d like to get rid of? Are you embarrassed to wear shorts in public?   Many have at least a few of these veins.  In just a few short sessions, these can be minimized and treated and your legs can look younger and sexier again in no time at all.  

Sclerotherapy is a treatment using a medication injected into these small vessels to cause them to close off over time or sclerose (fibrose).  The medication used is  called Asclera.  It can be used on uncomplicated superficial leg veins (spider veins) and other small veins of the legs called reticular veins.  It isn’t used to treat large varicose veins, as those should be treated by a vein specialist in other ways.  

To treat these small vessels, a solution is injected with a very tiny needle into the blood vessel or surrounding the vessel, causing the vein to collapse and fibrose over time.  It may take several weeks for this to occur, as the body reacts to the solution allowing scarring to develop to permanently close the blood vessels that are dilated causing the spidery appearance.  

Most blood vessels take 3-4 treatments on average to entirely close down, but some take more or less time depending on the diameter.  This is a very quick way to make your legs look even more beautiful.

An initial consultation and examination are necessary to assure you are appropriate for this treatment, then you can get started on the series of treatments for more beautiful legs.