Blue Tidal Enzyme Peel

Blue Tidal Enzyme Peel--This peel may be used when you need to gently but effectively soothe the skin, reduce redness, tighten and reduce pore size, remove dead skin, unclog acne-prone skin and lessen the skins dull appearance providing a smoother texture to photo-aged skin.

Questions and Answers:

Who can get a Blue Tidal enzyme peel?

This chemical peel is virtually safe for every skin type. Those who are allergic or sensitive to iodine or are pregnant or breastfeeding should not get this chemical peel.

How often can I get this chemical peel?

Treatments are recommended to be done every 1-2 weeks for best results. Chemical peel results are best seen when done in a series of 6-8 peels. Please ask Dr. Twigg, as each patient is different and recommendations are personalized to you. Maintenance chemical peels can help you maintain your skin’s appearance and should be done every 4-8 weeks.

What areas of the body can the Blue Tidal enzyme peel be applied?

This chemical peel can be applied to any area of the body that is needed as it is considered a light or superficial chemical peel.

What key ingredients are in the Blue Tidal enzyme peel?

This great fruit enzyme peel utilizes bromelain and papain from pineapple and papaya to gently exfoliate dead cells that build up on the skin and in the pores. This helps remove stores of melanin in the skin for irregularly pigmented skin. For acne-prone skin types, the enzymes will help unclog the skin by loosening dead skin cells at the skin surface for extraction ease. Marine Actives like Carrageenan enhances other active ingredients penetrate more deeply and provides the skin with protection and promotes regeneration of damaged skin. Laminaria Digitata Extract (Atlantic Kelp) is rich in several essential amino acids helping to normalize the barrier function of the skin. Its also a rich source of mineral salts, several B Vitamins, iodine, Zinc, and Calcium, and will instantly tighten and firm sagging skin.


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Post-Treatment Skin Care Products for the Blue Tidal Enzyme Peel

Our recommendations will vary based on your skin's needs.

Photodamaged Skin:

Dehydrated Skin:

Acneic Skin:

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