LipoDissolve Lipotherapy

LipoDissolve Lipotherapy is a revolutionary treatment to dissolve stubborn, unwanted fat deposits or cellulite that have not responded to diet and exercise. LipoDissolve is one of the most effective treatments for localized fat. Lipotherapy involves a series of micro-injections of a medication that induces fat lysis that can be used on the jowls, double chin (submental) and body without the need for invasive surgery. LipoDissolve requires multiple injections over a period of time, and results are dependent on compliance with recommendation's, a healthy high-protein diet, and adequate exercise.

Questions and Answers

I exercise daily, maintain a healthy normal weight, but have an area on my stomach that bulges out.  I just can’t seem to get rid of this fat no matter what I eat or how much I exercise. Can lipotherapy help?

Yes, you are a very good candidate for this treatment. This quick in-office procedure is designed to melt fat from stubborn smaller areas and is perfect if you are at your ideal weight or near it, exercise, and eat a healthy diet. The abdominal area often needs 5 or more sessions spaced about 3-5 weeks apart.

I am quite overweight and would like to use this to help me lose weight. Is this a possibility?

No - this is not a procedure designed for weight loss, but for spot fat reduction only. The only area it can be used for those who are obese (those with BMI >30) is the submental or double-chin area or the jowl area. However,  However, I can help you with lifelong health changes through my medically supervised weight loss programs.

How does LipoDissolve Lipotherapy work?

The medication, PC-DC or Phosphatidylcholine Deoxycholate, is injected into the treatment area. The fat cells absorb the PC-DC, become inflamed initially, harden, and then break down within the next few weeks and are excreted out of the body.

What areas can be treated with Lipotherapy, and how many treatments might I need?

There are many areas that can be treated successfully with LipoDissolve Lipotherapy. These areas may be treated:

  • Double Chin (Submental)
  • Jowls
  • Upper Arms
  • Armpit Flank 
  • Buffalo Hump
  • Abdomen, upper and/or lower
  • Back rolls (area below the bra)
  • Bra Bulge (area to sides of bra in front)
  • Flanks
  • Love Handles
  • Hips
  • Banana Rolls (area below buttock)
  • Lower Buttocks or Buttock area
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs (saddlebags)
  • Inner knee area

How many LipoDissolve treatments will I need?

Every person is unique and may need more or less treatments. On average most small fat pocket areas may take 3-4 sessions or more. The double chin or submental fat pad is variable and based on the amount of fatty tissue present and response to treatment and may take 2-6 sessions. When treating the abdomen, most patients can expect to need more than 5 sessions.

How often can LipoDissolve treatments be done?

Depending on treatment area, Dr. Twigg will advise you on the best time-frame, but in general, usually 3-5 weeks apart.

Why do I have cellulite? What is it and can I ever be rid of it?

Well, if you are a woman, your chance of having cellulite is about 80-90%. Why? Much of the reason for women’s predominance of cellulite, even in our adolescence is due to our hormones and the way our skin layers, fat, and connective tissue is composed. Great, right? Well, there are multiple other factors that also play a role in creating cellulites’ appearance such as additional fat accumulation and reduced metabolism. Many of these do occur more as we age and become overweight, over-fat, and more sedentary. To reduce and improve cellulite, fat reduction in the area of occurrence and stimulation of dermal tissue growth with new collagens can improve its appearance. In addition, stimulation of circulation is very important. Combination therapy through LipoDissolve, V-Form, exercise, and a healthy diet will help improve the appearance by decreasing fat cells, stimulating collagen and elastin production, stimulation of circulation through exercise (and V-form), and natural weight loss (if needed) and health.

What does LipoDissolve Lipotherapy feel like, and what can I expect afterwards?

I make every treatment as comfortable as possible. We begin first by examining the area to be treated. This area is cleansed, marked, then a numbing cream is applied for several minutes. This is removed, the skin is prepped to prevent infection, then injections done. You will feel minimal discomfort with injections, as a very thin needle is used as well as a numbing agent within the LipoDissolve medication being injected. Once the numbing agent wears off, you will begin to feel some itching, stinging/burning, and tenderness to the area that has been injected. It will become swollen and reddened over the next few hours to 24 hours. Swelling peaks within 1-3 days, but for some, may take up to a week.  This will then begin to resolve. You may have some bruising that also occurs. You may experience some slight numbness that resolves or even firm lumps. Lumps usually resolve after 2 weeks but can be persistent.


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Post-Treatment Skin Care Products for LipoDissolve Lipotherapy

These soothing treatments will minimize discomfort and bruising after a LipoDissolve procedure:

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